Come Home Soon

Written by: Cheryl McCall

Come Home Soon
I sleep alone, I cry alone, so without you
this house is not a home. Where are
you I wonder. It's been one lonely
year without you beside my side.

Please come home, yes I need you 
even in the afterlife to be beside

'Specially when I'm missing you and
feeling Blue without feeling your 
arms wrapped tight around me as 
I'm pressed right next to your heart.

Almost made me feel like I could
will your heart to keep on ticking 'cause I
know you could feel my Love to your heart.

You know our Love was pure when at times no
words needed to be said, just a look from
those baby blues or a special touch.

I wonder when I'm looking to the stars, if
you're looking at the same time as we did so
much of our lives. Look to the stars
Baby'cause I'll be there beside you.