Bye Bye My Hopes and Love

Written by: Eli Moon

As days passed, as time moves
We moves as fast as the time
The world caught me in the middle
A vision of the truth so blind

I never thought it would be gone
I never know my love for you would fade away
As you were everything my heart needs
But I have realised something today

You never know I cared for you
It was only the wind passing through

Feeling so cold deep inside
In my mind, was you

Now, things had changed
The way I feel had never been the same

Many times I was broken
Now There is a new way to get out of the game

Each word you speak, 
Had made my heart bleed
Seen the truth now, I cannot lie
A truth that covered my opened eyes

These Hopes for you to open your eyes one day
Fades away from the surface of my dreams
Now, I need to move on
Goodbye to the world I used to believe in