Dreaming In The Shades Of A Purple Sun

Written by: Gael Attal

The cool breeze carries with it
The distant songs of blackberry winter.
Slowly seeping through your mind's barrier,
The verdurous artist's lush designs...
Come to life.

The everlasting evergreens are forevermore evolving.

In your mind, where the sky is always pink,
And the sun is purple, the dreams have never found
An easier road to travel.
On Spring's honey stairway, they fly.
The shadows, blue. Blue.

Silver apples. Silver apples.
Falling from the cherry sky.
Falling to the ground,
And sprouting orange flowers.

Nightfall comes swiftly though,
And oh! How prosaic this image is rendered,
In the light of a moon that colors the world

In black and white.