Clinging to me

Written by: Whitney Warren

There is something about the past that wont let go. 
I try to put it behind me but the weight still brings me down.
I can only blame myself for the mess that I’ve become.
Kept thinking that I’ve escaped this but yet I’m here again.
It seems I’m on repeat because I’ve definitely been here before.
Getting tired of this game but it keeps wanting to play.
It always hits me when I’m sitting, now I’m taking a stand.
Cant believe how long it’s been since this all began.
Maybe it wont go away because I’m not quite ready for it to leave.
I need to know how to move on from something that has become you.
I wont let this take me over, not as long as I can fight back.
This will all end soon because it’s starting to lose grip of me.
My past is gone away but my next move is mine to make.
I will no longer define everything because it wont get me anywhere.
Soon I will know when it’s time to leave it all behind.