Just A Dream

Written by: Yara Rouhana

Let me tell you about my dream 
My father said, putting me on his lap 
It was a dream that has always seemed
Too impossible and hard to grasp 
I dreamt that I was alone on a cloud 
Looking at our nature being felled 
Observing the glacial mountains dwell 
Not up high but down so low  
Destroying our lands as foolhardy foes
I saw the florid flowers darken as dried blood
As they greeted the ground with bowed heads 
Giving scent not to the skies but to mud
I saw pain leaking from fettered petals 
That fitfully designed our earth as devils
Beside me, there sat many grey clouds 
It was a scene so hard to fathom
Never once seen color that shrouds 
The sky above, that was for purity an emblem  
I was surprised but thankful it was just a dream
For in reality it’s illicit to fell 
And impossible for grey clouds to dwell 
In our atmosphere, an idiosyncrasy of purity
Humans will never accept such ignominy 
And never become iconoclasts
For our nature is our identity. 
I falteringly smiled with a tear in my eye
I didn’t expect my father to ask why 
I just looked at his clouded eyes and said with tender
You’re right dad Thank God it was just a dream.