Written by: Yara Rouhana

Once upon a midnight dreary
I walked along the woods so weary 
So weary of heroin and nicotine 
That right inside took a ride 
A joyful ride to my mind
The ones who kept my heart up left
Meaning living, deeply digging 
Right inside me with no mercy 
They brought a lovely face of misery

My clothes fully torn
As if never truly worn 
By a normal human being
But an animal with raging horn 
My eyes slightly opened 
As if not wanting to see
What kills my every hope and 
Makes me want to truly be 
A person not belonging to this world
One having not a single sword...
My eyes slightly opened
Not wanting to see
My reality…

Like an animal playing predator
In front of other men, 
But prey I am and no other 
I cant deny it to mother nature
I miss the sunshine 
I miss the feeling of being alive
I want my mind to say I’m fine
And won’t stay this way I’ll strive
But every time I try to think 
Only think of a happy moment 
Not even living in that moment, 
My conscience comes and starts again 
By knocking at my door
And there again is the pain
Saying you’ll be happy no more 
Never again, never more…

I laugh with a voice so loud 
I can see the leaves shaking
Like an addict who just found
No more smack for escaping 
I turned into, with such rage 
Such hatred towards life
Just prey I am, in a cage
Having no chance to live
I crumble weak and weary 
Through this forest of blackness
Total darkness and I so blindly 
Fell in the abyss of loneliness
Looking around with eyes as red
As red red red as blood
With fumes growing and growing in my head
Fumes, vagueness, fog, a flood
Sudden flood of blood
So red, scared I am, so red
I fell, couldn’t stand
Can someone please give me a hand
Dad, dad, mom, Virginia please
I want u back, all back 
I want to ease
I want to end this hurt, this pain, me
I want to end me yes, me…

I saw him, I saw him coming
Instead of helping he started saying
Screaming, screaming and yelling 
Tapping rapping on my chamber door
Saying I’ll live no more
I’ll wait no more 
I'll write no more
I'll fight no more
I’ll leave just leave 
And never come back 
No more
Never again