Written by: ifedayo oshin

1.	It isn’t the pen, but the writer
                Not the tracks, but the runner
                It isn’t the tool, but the workman

2.	It isn’t the action, but the attitude
     	Not the speech, but the thoughts
                It isn’t money, but its uses

3.	It isn’t the end, but the means
                Not the conquests of yesterdays but the today’s challenges
                It isn’t the sex, but the child

4.	It isn’t the status, but the person
                Not the messenger, but the message
                It isn’t the law, but the user

5.	It isn’t the song, but its rhythms
                Not the policies, but the people
                It isn’t time length, but its quality

6.	It is not the smoke, but the cause
                Not the person, but its principles
                Not the looks, but values

7.	Not the party, but the ideologies
                It isn’t the theories, but the practices
                Not the place, but the people