So many question's

Written by: John Streeter

One defiant blissful day, found myself upon myself. Couldn't walk with no-one else,
so many question's flutter apon oneself. "What will I do without you Lord", "what
will I do".  Lord, where could I go, if you hadn't provide roads for me! where
could I go. And Lord, the burdens of life hav-come down on me, lord is it just a
test....Lord-come you say to were you are, and you'll give me rest.
Where will I be without you(?)someday's aren't so grand. Lord if it were not from
you, my foundation will be like walking on quick-sand.  Lord it is said, that money
is the root of all life and domain. Evil peoples luv it more than all the star's in the
sky. One defiant day I ask myself Why Lord why?  On a cold night a short time ago
I was so spiritual lifted that I didn't notice the rain, it came on the hills of my burden's
that I started to cry. I was crying, I was saying, "what will I do without you Lord", and then 
you touch me, now my life will never be the same. Didn't deserve what you did for me
on that hill at calvary.  Lord, you gave your life for me.  "What could I say".
Thank you Lord, thank you, on this blis'ful of day's. Where will I be! were will I Lord(?)
if you didn't SAVE!!.