Watered Down

Written by: Christie Moses

           much like tulips 
       (they bloom and fade)
      I become as little shivers
lost on a tossed and trembled wind

      a catcher of tender stars
       these hands are small
        and much too fragile
    to hold on to their burden

          despite the struggle
my minds eye beholds a white light
buried beneath eyelids made of steel

a midnight gasping through dark shadows
           haunting this tired heart 
(much too shattered to withstand those black
                  orbs )

          like a wisp of smoke
                I came…..
               I blinked……
         and found I was gone

     in every sunrise blasting color
            in my southern sky
               I ride the sun

        yet….I exhaust so quickly
                by moon rise
                     I cry 
    tears of watered down rust red
             bleeding a lost aria
             in silent tormented  
            and tangled refrains
(moments of naked breakdown)

   canopies of bent double boughs
    weeping beneath a willow tree
(I shiver from this reckless stream)

        borrowed time taunts me
            a vicious scourge
        I weaken with every hour
      I gaze into a disfigured mirror
    into eyes too bruised to face me
my moments of tortured cognizance

        I find that going nowhere 
               is a long trip
               to walk alone….