~Yours Truly~

Written by: Tyesha Ehigiator

A piece of gold, Rarely found
A kiss, so sweet, It melts a frown

A smile, That lights up a darkened room
A touch, That melts one heart in two

Compassion, and delicate
Brave, and fierce

Unfounded beauty,
Full figured woman appears

Swollen cheeks, Busty hips
Big brown eyes, Soft sable lips

Luscious hair, Draped down my neck
Cushy earlobes, For you to peck

A heart so ready to love indeed 
With so many wonders and possibilities

There is something so great , Deep in my soul
Something so passionate, Delicate and bold

A gift, That keeps on giving
A silent ear, To voice your fears

An embrace, So great, It washes away
The troubles, of tomorrow, and yesterday,

Glossy eyes, That capture your soul
Intimacy and compassion untold 

You'll never be lost, Or pushed astray,
For I am the peace , To protect you at bay

If given a chance, To fulfill all your needs
Committed to you, Is what I will be

For I am the door and you are the key
And you've just discovered ~ALL OF Me