3 Lone wolf’s down town

Written by: james faulkner

Isolation accompanies him along with his gin
An urban nomadic as he finds shelter in sin
Tarnished from his second hand clothes to his unjustly judged soul
Yet satisfactions rest within his panhandling bowl
Stained teeth glimmer when hearts drop dollars and dimes into his trey
I spare him 5 dollars because I know that’s one method of taking the pain away
May he indulge ever so deep in his liquor and herb 
May that curbside prophet find God’s reason on his curb

Her erotic mini skirt synchronizes with red stilettos heels 
Young teenage males pass by with curious thoughts wishing for feels
She struts the streets looking for clients with a swagger of glory 
Yet she has eyes of the wolf and they whisper tales of a different story
The story of a defeated charismatic with compressed ambition
Her eyes rumor that she submitted to life’s arduous expedition
Her glory defined swagger is all to mistaken
she a wolf that knows her purpose is to be awaken
Her mini skirt is meant to capture eyes 
Her sexy stride has ambitions of taking the world by surprise
For this would be actresses only fears rest within her age
She an actor, hooker, and wolf trapped on life’s horror stage 

May you find answer in your wine
May you become a star in time 
No matter what you do just remember your lnot onely
Nor should you think their isn’t a pack and you’re the only
You should know I love you both and all things come soon
Just know that you’re not the only wolves that tearfully look to the moon