Giovanni the Pizza Guy

Written by: MC MC

Giovanni the Pizza Guy 
(Pronounce "a" as "uh")

you make a 
de savory tomato 
and de thick 
white creamy alfredo 
you are a de pizza guy, amor'e 
I make a de homemade paste 
she's a richer for you taste 
and that's a part of my story. 
I make a de pizza pie 
I make a it to please 
you wanna de pepperoni 
or you wanna de plain cheese ? 
I am a you waiter 
I take a you order 
when you food-she a comes 
she make a you mouth water 
I make a de perfect pizza 
in me you should a trust 
you wanna de thick 
or de thin crispy crust? 
I can make a spagetti 
or make a zucchini 
butta for you , I make a linguine 
I can make a de sauce red 
I can make a it white 
after you taste-you wanna more bite 
I make a de spagetti -she's a made with love 
I cook a real slow 
you order ahead ; or you take a to go.
I putta de stuff on de top
I give a you wine or a some pop
Uno momento, will you please
I must a cut a de cheese
I am a you pizza guy 
to make a you pizza pie 
Why must a you stay a at home
when a you can a dine a in a Rome ?
I save a you a table
I tell a you a fable
I fill a you pants
I make a you dance
I make a de sauce thick 
I make a de sauce thin 
I make a you laugh
I make a you grin !
Please a come a back ; see a Giovanni again! 

Copyright McCuen 2009