grandpas and heaven

Written by: Faire Lucas

i wait for grandpa, with his steps slow as a turtles, i listen bye and bye, but the voices
hollow, we walk and talk, and i hear his voice shake, we laugh and flock, as we pass the
old tank...
he tells me stories about the past, like how he met grandma, and fell in love with her,
when he shouldn't have, and whispers the beginnings, to each new ones, and loudly
tightens, to the action....
i walk in strides and wait for him, as he coughs and takes his napkin, then we carry on
like nothing happened, but all of us know his life is in stake, but he's just to good to
let us worry, he says, i grow old, switching from a young girl to a woman, i grow wiry and
have children of my own, and through all this time grandpa smiles to me, it radiates off
him in reassuring waves, to communicate between us that he's ok... but i now have
grandchildren and he is very old, older than a tree that grows, or the sand on the ground,
or the sky's blue, or the air that passes, or the moon that glows for each new night, or
the sun that brightens to each delight, so old he becomes untill he is shriveled, and
feels nothing but his neck up, so old that time has just stopped, then in those quick
seconds he dies in his sleep, so quick the call rings to me, so quickly i pick up the
phone in a haste, so quickly i run to his burying place, so quickly he's covered with
ground, so quickly i let the tears roll down, and in the quick moments you think of your
slow ones, so slowly it makes you giggle and laugh, at all those good times, and so slowly
it reminds you that he'll be with you till u die, so slowly you think and stop to sigh, so
slowly the days tumble bye, then so slowly your taking his hand, and so slowly you've gone
to heaven, so slowly you say when you meet god, he whispers then nods, and you both look
down towards the earth and relive the moment that most people thinks the worst, but you've
just got to believe that out there somewhere, there's an angel waiting for you there...