Did I Mention I Love You

Written by: Laurie Ginn

Come sit with me my love
I’ve longed for you today
I see you my sweetness you’re tired
Let me give you rest
This world can beat you down
Leave you worn 
It’s supposed to my love
Because sometimes you wait until
You are tired, worn, afraid
And full of questions 
Before you come

 I love you
                    I love you
                                       I love you

With a deep unquenchable love
If you only knew how precious you are to me  
If you only realized how I watch you
Going day to day, 
Trying so hard to keep up

I smile at your strength and determination
But my love in your weakness I will give you strength
Beyond your imagination

I love you
                   I love you

                                       I love you

 Just     the     way     you     are

Not stronger 
Not thinner
Not more gentle
Not more intelligent
Not happier
Not more beautiful
Not more pleasant 

You     are     my     child

You can never delve too deeply into sin or
walk far enough away from me to change that

If you being sinful desire to protect, and cherish and love your children

How     much     more     do     I

signed, your Heavenly Father