Stress of this World

Written by: nita martin

Stress of the world washed away
As I start a new day
Hopes of a better tomorrow as I break
With it my heart it takes

I dream of a place were peace lives
Where everyone their hearts openly give
But then I wake to see I am still here
Where children live in fear

This world where moneyy rules and greed devides
Wishing there was somewhere to hide
Not wanting to see to destruction and crime
Just wanting to go back in time

Back to when life was free and fun
Where everyone had their momet in the sun
Back to when it was ok to laugh and be a child
And it was ok to be a little wild

But now I am grown and have the stress of this world
And heaven knows I am just one girl
So I will dream and hope as long as I can
And I will let God take care of his plan

For it is him who can change it all
And only him who knows when we fall
So I will put my trust in God above
 An let him shower me with his love