Written by: chris kane jr.

I knew in the light
that shone on your lovely head,
that awoke the jewels in your eyes,
and the diamonds in your smile,

that it would never leave...
Not once more would I ever breathe
an air as sweet as that you've breathed
once upon a moon-kissed college breeze.

Oh, if only to touch your skin,
drench it like the hot, naked rain
as you purse your luscious lavender lips
and dance away on your bar-sooted feet

to be the sun that lay beside you
in your bed as you awake
if only to feel your greater warmth
and your heart beat, just once, for me.

The nights we laugh and shoot the breeze
are enough for a lifetime of memory.
Yet always will I find matters of the heart
difficult deserts to cross when all alone.

A kiss, a death-
but not for a moment I wept,
for I shall ever feel...
your presence in my heart.

By your side, a servant to remain
happy and haunted by my silent sin.
Seeing this end, I trudge onward unflinching
eyes wide open, fearless, to certain doom.