a little BLACK girl against the WHITE man

Written by: myishia williams

The little black girls dreams
Are now the business of a man
A pretty little face-
Now colored in black and blue
An undeniable personality-
Now a blank mind….
A confused soul….
A worthless spirit
She was so sweet
And he knew just how to-
Prey on her strengths and….
Bring out her weaknesses
A heart so tricked into love
And she loved what she wanted to believe-
Was a real man
This little black girl
Had no chance against this….
White skinned man
He was the authority
He had the power
Her skin color and the innocence in her eyes-
Made her exactly what he needed…
To make his money
Her body had been sold for pennies
Her soul had been passed around
From one white man to another
She felt no longer human
A white mans animal
Just a blah in the world
Of a white man….
The dreams of the little black girl
Are now nightmares….
But in this world no one cares
And as they share her….
The white man gets richer-
And she’s slowly dying

 Copyright ©2009 Myishia Sacoya Williams