stop watching me !!!

Written by: myishia williams

Have you ever felt like
You were being watched
Chills every time you opened your eyes
Walls cracking….
In a house with only you
Foot steps behind you 
But there’s no one there
You head starts spinning
Because you know something….
Or someone is watching you
But you cant see this person….
Or this ‘thang’
You start to feel as if….
Maybe you going crazy
But it cant just be your imagination
Finding yourself pacing in circles
Checking every corner
Retracing every step taken
But ending up in the same spot
Looking…. Wondering…..
But there’s still nothing or no one around
Scared  of a frightening truth
Popping up right before your eyes 
So you check twice and stay cautious
Because you know something 
Or someone is watching

Copyright ©2009 Myishia Sacoya Williams