Soldier Girl In Full Gear

Written by: Frank F. Atanacio

She was standing on the flight deck,
soldier girl in full gear,
she reflects,
as she was trained to pick up the rear,
thinking of her past life,
she was a mother, and a wife,
that made a promise, she’d be back,
but now she is out at sea in a middle of an attack,
she felt their tears,
she sensed their fears,
and the fears of other soldiers running past her at full speed,
brothers and sisters at arm on the high sea,
some shot, some bleed,
as the ocean feeds,
and they try to flee,
a superior fleet in retreat,
as the incoming bombs made the ship debris,
she turned to her captain,
the man she had trusted most,
saw the bombs instantly turn him into a ghost,
she shook her head in exasperation,
war puts them in that situation,
her family wondering how she’s doing,
and she’ wonders that too,
as the destruction to the ship left no clue,
every fiber of her being struggled for stability,
but her flesh ripped apart with such incredibility,
as she barely restrained her fury,
ghost fighting a spirit, a spirit fighting a ghost,
then her ship finally went down,
and she hung her head,
they were never found,
the soldier girl in full gear, dead.