Nocturnal Trance

Written by: Christie Moses

A moonlit dream 
                  in the stark of night
with silver reflections 
                   from polished glass
Tumbled satin sheets….. 
                           shadows cast
Their sheen takes on
                         a luminous light
An incandescent flame 
                      of flashing flickers
Lit candles burnished 
                             a copper hue

Playing out like a morose silent movie

Mouths move 
          yet sound is never heard
Her trembling hand 
                seeks to touch a face
(Sweat and skin never felt before)

Oceans and Mountains 
                        tease of space
Tears trickle
                 a shimmering river 
along insomniac skin 
                   of countenance pale

Rust rides a skipper ship 
              of wine drenched sorrow
as she whispers 
           with no resonance…muted 
To black and grey wind 
                 that dashes a night sky
Lightning thunders 
                all the southern stars

A rebel’s dance while destiny cries

Sheets oscillate
        in the madness of remember

She was never really heard, though…. was she?

A four poster (red oak)
                     warm silk softness
A cushioned feather 
                 bed of goose down
Sharing it with 
                 imprisoned solitude
a friendless oblivion 
                       in luminescence

In seeking and the sought of him….
                The space….
a gulf that at once seems tragic
         An empty embrace 
in the whimper of arms
                         closing around 
a mere mirage of a man

Tremors quake shoulders far too fragile
to withstand the pressure of being just one

In the wake of day
                   it replays in agony
The music of night
               and a tortured lament

Colors that bleed notes of “je t'aime”
for the taunting of water 
                    and the color of blue