Written by: Laurie Ginn

.                                                                  At
                                                           there is a
                                                     peace in knowing 
                                                    the day is through
                                                    you've lived it well
                                                    disappointments have 
                                                      no hold on you for you 
                                                        made your decisions 
                                                          with honesty and respect
                                                    you gain a peace in the beauty
                                              of a day well lived a day where you 
                                   laughed and cried and held dear the essence
                                  of your spiritual truths you sought light you drew
                                              light to you, you pushed boundaries
                                                    you accepted limitations nothing is 
                                                           outside the realm of possibilities
                                                          and dreams, dream with all your
                                                        heart, with all your soul never                                 
                                                      accept others wants and wishes 
                                                      without question and when you 
                                                      lay your head upon your
                                                        pillow and close your
                                                         eyes  smile at the
                                                          knowledge that
                                                            tomorrow is a
                                                             blank slate                                                      
                                                                  all you