Everything; yet Nothing.

Written by: Mehak Kawatra

The Ground is my floor,
The Sky is my ceiling,
The Air makes my walls,
I Live in this with feeling.

The gutter-water is my drink,
The dirt on my floor is my food,
The clouds droppings make my day,
I survive in this, and i do not brood.

My books are torn-found,
My music is from the cars passing by,
My favourite hobby is counting pennies
in my hat,
I do this for fun with a pointless sigh.

I have everything,
A Home, gifted by nature,
Some Food, My luck has found,
Things to do, by the grace of mankind.
Yet, I have nothing at all.

Who am I,
No possible doubt,
I am a homeless man,
wandering the streets of my home.
WIth an aimless attitude.