Darkness Comes

Written by: Robin L. Gass

The darkness comes again
and I am fading
to shades of gray with empty eyes
until I am nothing more than a shadow
cast upon my wall
my sanity being exiled
by this dark master
dictating my steps
balance fragile
I teeter on the edge
between myself and the nothing I am to become
haunted again by the pain it revives
as I battle the demons sent to vanquish me
naked and exposed
to the tomb within my shell
my prison
while the clock ticks away the precious hours
which are lost to me forever
too many already stolen
doubled and redoubled 
by this heartless evil
that I have known too long
now slashing through my mind again
with jagged razors of thought
as the last of my colors are spilled
in the rainbow tears that drown my eyes
my foothold lost
I fall once more
into the darkness
that has come
to take me
in its waiting arms