“That winter evening”

Written by: argho chakraborty

In that winter evening, I dread what I saw..;

The pain as the little child cried..!!

Left on the huge pile of straw..;

Shivering and crying the child look tired..!!

No one at sight, to answer the poor angel’s plight..;

Not a piece of cloth to shield her from the chilly breeze..;

Though the face now pale, eyes are still so bright..!!

Child is crying as she suffers in the natures might..!!

What wrong could she have done..??

Is being a girl is such a Burdon..??

Such a beauty but still left to die..;

I can see she is hurt as she has a bruised black eye..!!

I just can’t see her cry..;

I can’t help her, as she is not in the same world as I..!!

Slowly the loud cry turned low..!!

I knew she would die and that too slow..!!

How is this fair I wondered..??

The poor soul is dying ..;

As this world is no longer the place I loved..!!

The one I loved the most,

Has become worst than the wild..!!

Now even I pray for the angel to die..!!

Come back angel, come back to me..!!

I can’t even be forgiven..;

For the one who created this jungle is no one but me..!!

But never did I thought, my presence would be forgotten..!!

Love would be forgotten while hatred will prevail..!!

This world is to end sooner than I thought..;

As in that winter evening, I saw what I always dreaded..!!