You Can Finally Rest In Peace. . .

Written by: Breana Wiggins

We were together
We drifted apart
We decided to take a break
To see how strong our love was

I came back two days later
Only to find that
You had died
Why you have to leave so soon?

I cried and cried
No one knew why
I was to hurt to explain

I can't sleep because all I see
Is you
All I dream about is you
About how you died

That makes me sit up and cry
Scream why and wonder why
You had to go so soon

I didn't get the chance to say
Baby I love you
Didn't get chance to say
This break we took
Made us stronger and so much better for each other

I wish I had the chance to tell you
You'll always remain in my heart and 
I will always love you

So now I have to say
Alex you will always remain in my heart
No matter what

You can finally Rest In Peace
So spread your wings and fly
You finally have a peaceful life. . . .