Written by: Christie Moses

Mold me, baby…
        My body is like soft clay
                    awaiting your play
Form me to you roughened hands

I anticipate your bondage
My heart is in my throat
I wait….complete yielding 
          to you the master
                                I melt
inside these tender chains
           I tempt you 
and I know you see me

Lilacs in bloom
Lavender permeates the air
Succulent honey suckle swirls
beneath a canopy of stars
The moonlight filters through

I cannot fight the overtaking
                                    I am yours
In every breathless whimper
                                   I succumb….

Aye! You move me and consume me
I see nothing but your eyes
burning beneath this needy skin
Their intensity is my answer
Flames rise up inside me
         and I gasp
                   at the prison
                             of their fire
My desire licks my soul

A wild eyed angel
awaiting your bidding
Your wish is my command

In every moan
I am tortured

I wait…I wait…

For you I surrender