Written by: Jude Chukwuemeka

Ten years gone! ten long years between
Not lost on the love and care you gave,
Not lost where the path of thorns had been
A hindrance to our struggle -- deeds brave.

Do you remember how, like a barnacle
I clung to you, and how, like a baby
I cried and the tears started to trickle
Bubbles that flowed slow and steady?

I remember our past years together;
Your friendship, your words -- such fun
And those times that live in me forever
Like the light from the sun...

I continue in the light you left behind.
I have also trudged the dark alley-way
Without a lamp to gleam inside my mind
And no fur coat to keep the cold away.

And now, do come, come back to stay
To rekindle hope in my embers again;
Come fill the gap left open on that day,
That misty morning, when you left for Spain.