"Am I Free?"

Written by: Mehak Kawatra

She held her gown,
and paced around, 
waiting for the final verdict.
Her feather hat,
twitched about
as on the chair she finally sat.
Biting her lip,
she flinched and flicked
beads of sweat
wetting her face,
trying to hold a grip.
What lay beyond the door
panged her heart
She drummed her fingers on her lap
giving it an unintentional slap
The man walked out
With fashion worthy style,
She stood up,
glaring at what he held.
A file.
The proof of her innocence.
The timmer in his eyes.
What did they want for her freedome
for he was the man with the answers.
What was the price for her independance?
He held up his hand, 
sending those away to shun,
Alone they stood,
questioning eachother
asking in silence...
She buttered up to finally ask,
"Am I Free?"
the man smiled.
His smile growing wider.
"Free.To be mine. Forever..."
They hugged tight
hand in hand,
arm in arm.

Free,Free and Free
No Bars to hold her back.
Free,Free and Free 
No Cuffs to Cuff her freedome.
Free, Free and Free
A man who could grab the stars for her.