Written by: Irene Hammer-McLaughlin

You will never be perfect nor even 
particularly good,
but you might just manage 
good enough.

Hers was a complicated birth.
She was picked out
of a crowd of thirty newborns
sight unseen while lying in recovery –
her voice, felt.

Heeded during its infancy, 
there would be awake-ness
a full minute before the cry, 
fully cognizant and expectant of need.

Cared for, and still 
witnessing her sleep for hours,
childish and solemn, 
and never bored or feeling the need to flinch.

Relaxed now, but the daylight 
hours are a different story –
no need to go into that here
(you’ll witness it soon enough)
but for now, consider me good enough.

because, before you know it,
they’re all grown up,
and it seems I shall be, too.