Written by: Irene Hammer-McLaughlin

My given name is of no consequence.
You can call me Spider Girl.
It’s an appropriate name, I think. 

I’m indistinguishable in many ways 
from billions of other creatures just like me.
(Character building experiences 
tend to breed cartoons.)

I might appear pretty easy to step on
but don't underestimate resourcefulness
and long legs. 

Anyway, I’m going to do my
darnedest to weave something
worthy of your attention
or whatever you will end up spending 
to buy this comic book 
because I’ve got  a daughter to raise
and let’s face it: long legs alone
ain’t gonna pay the bills.

My enemies vary:
Thugs who crow too loudly,
evil geniuses (they tend to keep mum), 
crime bosses,
even monsters who are out of this world.

I share a universe with heroes, too,
some I used to run with –
although “with” sort of works as
an elaboration of the truth.
A prevarication.
A provocation.

One should not provoke me.
I don’t quite know what I’m capable of yet.
Mommies of all species will kill for their young.
I’ve heard it’s instinctual –
but, what if that’s just an excuse to 
step over the line,
take a seat,
cross one’s legs,
look tough,
and watch someone else suffer?

It’s that violence 
the drug I crave…

Are you frightened of me yet?
Maybe you should be.