War through a soldiers thoughts

Written by: gareth stockwood

Sat on a décolleté mountaintop.
Me my rifle and my camouflage top
Four other bodies waiting with me
Waiting for the bombs to drop.

It will be our turn to see 
What the army has in stall for me.

We smell the fear
From the town below
Message over the radio
‘Its time to go’

Now lets see if the army is for me.

Bullets flying overhead
Only by chance I aint dead
Think of my family back at home
Waiting for that dreaded phone call.
Letting them know i was the one to fall.

We fought for hours
To stay alive
Just for a medal cant call it pride
Memories of this remain
When I seen my mates
Walking over their graves
And I wanted to see what the army has for me?

People ask 
What did the army do for you?

Do I reply? 
Gave me a rifle
A licence to kill.

Newspapers put smiles on people’s faces
We won the battle the country is safe

If they had only seen 
The atrocity in that place
The shame on the men and women’s faces 
When they left that forsaken place.

We all wanted to see
What the army has for me
Fields full of promises
Miles of empty lies
Chambers full of empty dreams
And you still wonder why they cry.