Wolf in Seep's Clothing

Written by: Andee Lindgren

For a moment I lived in fear of the hourglass
It's funny how quickly those feelings can pass
Because now I cant seem to get away from you fast enough
You have a world class poker face, I almost missed your bluff
But I'm calling it out, all chips are in
Mght as well fold now, cuz I'm gonna win
Put your cards on the table, reveal your hand
How I almost fell for it, I'll never understand
You pulled the wool right down over my eyes
A wolf in sheep's clothing, what a clever disguise
You huffed and you puffed and you blew my walls down
Now I'm reduced to a pile of debris left strewn on the ground
Right back where I started, familiar resent
Mulling over the misfortune of wasted time spent
Biting the bitter bullet of unrequited cares
Peeling out my feeling, layer by woeful layer.