Tell Me Why

Written by: Jodie Steward

Each day we all may struggle
Many trying to just survive,
Other's become to overwhelmed
For they only inside wish to die.

Their minds are full of confusion
Without proper help, won't go far,
Family support no longer enough
These people forget who they are.

Mental illness strikes many people
Nobody know how hard families try,
The phone calls, letters and many prayers
No solutions found, only the question why.

Why wont anyone out there listen
Why must these people be fully down,
Where is the help they need and deserve
Why won't you help turn these people around.

Hae we all become so cold inside
A society that just don't care,
Why can't these people get any help
Have we ran out of love to share.

These pople are human beings
They have feelings that are real,
Place yourself in their shoes just once
Completely live in the pain they feel.

Then ask yourself a simple question
Now do i inside fully understand,
Mental illness is a serious disease
How can I help this child, woman or man.