When Yesterday Came Around Again

Written by: Laurie Ginn

When yesterday came around again
I welcomed it as a long lost friend
I knew what to expect 
I knew what to plan
I’d done it all before 
It wasn’t hard to understand

I like things in rhythm
Towing the line
No room for adventure
It takes too much  time

All my hopes
Had long passed away
I accepted the dreariness 
Of the day

Without any anticipation
I gladly gave up exhilaration
Routine, mundane
Robotic repetitiveness insane

No original thought
Really no need to think
Give up all imaginations
And let your brain shrink

As the world marches onward
At a backwards pace
Get that pacified look 
Off of your face

Find something to do
That will cause you to think
Something to think that will
Cause you to question
Find answers to questions
That will ignite a fervor 
Let the fervor burn within your heart

Dream big, think big, care about something
and make it matter