Hocus Moon

Written by: Celeste Butler-Mendez

she looks on earth with joyless eye
beneath her light, the lonely cry
and so I'll pluck her from the sky

happis crappis, alakazam
eye of newt and elephant yam
a conjured spell on mystic sphere
I'll tug my ear and call her near
then pluck the moon out of the sky

by strange magic or hocus trick
I’ll tempt her with a wand or stick
out of the sky, out of the sky
I'll pluck the moon out of the sky

companionless before the day
still in her mist, the hopeful pray
then watch her slowly fade away

abracadabra, witches' brew
compel her light to cast askew
will her to pleasure, not give pain
so I ordain; by morning, wane
her loveless light shall fade away

her pale shadow will end the show
then wait the dawn, her fleeting glow
will fade away, will fade away
her loveless light will fade away.