For The Love Of Failure!

Written by: Gael Attal

For the love of failure’s flail,
Of choices bearing no avail,
I wish the indecisive mind
Would make a choice and leave a trail.

For the love of failure, fight!
Do not feel ill, or be contrite,
Free will is fate, not random chance,
And life’s demand is not polite.

For the love of failure’s threat,
With loss, accumulating debt,
I do implore your anxious soul
To worry not about regret.

Now is not an age of keen,
To think your troubles are extreme,
When old with wisdom you’ll appease,
When failures supersede your dreams.
And on the day you will not seize,
You’ll die with happy memories,
And your regret will die alone,
And your regret will fade with ease.

For the love of failure, live.
For the death of failure, love.
All your faults you may forgive,
Save for regret; the cause thereof.