Their Auto-Eulogy: My Tribute

Written by: Steve Voorhees

Shining stars were dulled by life
 fatally falling while achieving
    Greatness in waiting...
Unaware masses treated after 
  to voices and chords of the heaven sent
A mantle of greatness slipped past their passing

Shining bright white, talent seared 
  crowds adored in memory of...
critics acclaimed in tribute to...
  An ironic parallel to painters worth
A sad likeness to poets past
Value found in the absence
   Presented posthumous...their life, the opening act

The maddening downfall, an artists demise
Seeking connection through disconnect
  Numbing to feel,  destroying to create
Creating a cyclone of their lives
  to sit in the calm eye
Recounting the swirling chaos in detail
  Equal parts self absorbed and self loathing
Achieving insight through that fragile balance
  A portfolio of brief brilliance served as auto eulogy...

An aftermath of adoration for those discovering
 A genius that had yet found limelight glare
  But oh how it glares in their Genesis!!
A crypt of creativity indelibly houses souls made immortal
  to those they inspired while they lived...
...And all those who will feel their songs in death
      ...and always to me

**In memory of Bradley Nowell  FEB. 22, 1968~~~MAY 25, 1996
                and   Jeff Buckley   NOV. 17, 1966~~~MAY 29, 1997
                          --A tribute to those taken too soon