Don’t judge that stripper, her name is Jane

Written by: james faulkner

The girl whispered how gross she’s a stripper she has no pride
Her friend replies I bet when she goes off stage she spreads her legs ever so wide
Look at her she’s such an idiot looking all lost
I bet she’s looking for her first day’s client, pimp, or boss
Oh God why is that whore looking near this door
I silently roar, Would you please not talk about her any more
Yes she’s a stripper but her class surpasses either one of your asses
Yes her job is exotic but your judgment is naively chaotic
Everyone’s not as fortunate as you two and we have to make ends meet
That strippers name is Jane and she’s ever so sweet
So despite your negative comments a stripper she is still to be
But silence for the moment because she’s a charmer and she’s with me