My Angel

Written by: Girish Gokul

I met a girl once,
whom i taught not to cry.
I found freedom in her arms 
And silent promises in her eyes...
She asked nothing,
I gave nothing...
She bared her soul to me,
She showed me her vulnerabilities.
I tried hard to see,but under those fragments,
But I could only see her strength.
As she moved back into the shadows,
I could only see her light burning bright.
I thought I was strong..
She showed me what strength was!
As I struggled to find where I belong,
She answered me with a kiss..

" To love is... to give yourself
And to keep giving."
She took my hand in hers,
Looked me in the eye,
And, as i laid down my defences 
She taught me to fly..
Ans as she taught me to fly,
I found my freedom in her arms,
I found my identity in her eyes.