Who Runs This Home

Written by: Amy Swanson

Who Runs This Home
      by Amy Swanson

You stare at me
warm topaz eyes
           so serene

warm amber glow
soft ball of fur
             you nestle down beside me

to be with me

asking only
to be scratched...

and to play with the pen I am using!

Stretching out lazily
and purring softly
               you allow me the privilege
                    of petting soft amber fur

          - while reaching yet again for my pen! - 
                   (you don't give up easily!)

And now you've had enough;

hopping up to catch a pesky flea
then a bath
                 you take such care to groom
                      your sunshine colored fur

Just as suddenly
you walk away
                 casting a disdainful glance in my direction
                      tail fluffed and flouncing
                           to visit your food dish

We know who runs this home!