hard on.

Written by: k k iloduba jnr

on this night of deep blue darkness
will come the footfalls,
of the one that i seek.

From this gaze of a thousand stars
will come to me,
the one that i love.

And now , the gust of the evening wind sways.
My heart skips a beat.
Whose footfalls? whose shadows?
Alas,my eyes speak for my lips.

Who knocks upon my heart?
Who is come?
Who paints me this emerald?

She` s the song that`s written for me
when no one is around,
when careless whispers etch
the motions of love,
upon the night`s fabric.

Tonight, my eyes await her arrival.
what modesty can prevent us?
what distance  can stand between me,
and this that i seek.
this one  that i love.

On this night of scented hues,
this moon-lit night that i get to melt into her arms,
this night of longing i never let die,
I shall burn in every pore.