To Breathe "You" In....

Written by: John Rhinem

Your beautiful name, echoing throughout my thoughts

"Everyday!"....But I never tell you this?

Sometimes when I breathe, I close my eyes to imagine

Breathing, everything that you are, to me, deep within....

And it is then, when I can feel your heart, beating, next to mine

As I hold you in my arms, my soul melting, to these rushing waters, inside

These dreams of countless moments, that I dream, with you by my side

Sometimes it hurts, so profoundly, this pain, when you are not there

These endless reflections, which tear at my being, my existence

Mixed amid smiles of longings, of what I hope, may someday be!?

Every beat, every breath, every second of my life

Filled with you, and you alone, forever in my sight!

I do not need to paint these things, upon a canvas of colors

For what good are they, to me anymore? 

When all I want, they can no longer hold; because, they hold not "You"

My eyes are saddened sometimes, as they desire your beauty, but find you, never there

My soul~How can I explain this, yearning that I have!?

How? As I question, what happened upon this path?

For it seems so long, since I have felt this way....

These searing flames, more and more, everyday! 

And all I know, is that right now, as I breathe you in

A thousand years, would not be enough, time, to share with your life

Anything, less than eternity, I believe, would tear me in half

This, is how much, I truly love "You!"

And not even the most amazing words, within this world, that were ever written

Could make it any truer~As I gaze, into your endless eyes ~

I would give you the stars, this I know, as I have given you my life

To walk along the shore with "You"~To walk, through the tides of time....

Is all that I shall ever want, and all, that I shall ever need!

Watch me bleed, without your splendor, here ~

Can you feel my passion? Can you feel my love?

Calling to "You," within every moment, that I wake

Dreams, inside my heart~My raging soul, which burns, for "You"

A torch, until the ends of time~Can you hear it, calling too!?


To breathe, your beauty, within....