Written by: Laurie Ginn

I leave my four walls
and walk away from the hardness
And coldness of my surroundings

I find the steps that have no footprints
Deep into nature’s sanctuary
With each step I feel more alive
And regain a part of myself

I need this
I ache for this
I have longed for this
Each step brings with it
The awareness of how long it’s actually been 

I plant my feet on the softness
Of the earth
I breathe in uncorrupted air pure and healing

I sit on pillows of the greenest mosses
And fill my senses 

Nature’s aria 
Scents that I savor 
The peace, oh God yes, the peace
I close my eyes as my emotions settle

God how beautiful you have made this world
This is the inner sanctum
The true holy of holies

It restores my soul
Invigorates my devotion to you
Blesses me with an ardor for life
And brings me peace

There is harmony between 
Mind, body and soul
A union between myself, nature, and You
And I am in one accord

Each time when I visit I wonder
Have I stayed away too long
Once again will you be able to revivify me to consciousness
Resuscitate my spirit and make me whole
And always the answer is