Psychedelic Love

Written by: Laurie Ginn

I want love 
Not the normal kind 
Multi colored hues
Nothing subdued 
I’ve got  a wildness in my spirit 
And I don’t want to be tamed 
Is there a man that is mature enough 
To be done with the games 
Can a man appreciate my freedom 
And let me have a voice 
Respect my decisions 
And respect my choice 
I want a man with a strength 
And a passion inside 
Not afraid of commitment 
Doesn’t feel the need to chide 
Where is that man that   
Can love without restraint 
To give his heart absolutely 
He doesn’t have to be a saint 
I know you’re out there 
I know we will meet 
Until that time baby 
Just know I’m complete 
I’m patiently waiting 
Most of the time 
But sometimes without warning 
I break out in rhyme 
Get here soon so we have time to play
I’m in the autumn of life 
And I can’t waste a day