To The Dreamer

Written by: Gael Attal

To he who dreams without remorse,
Who stays a frothy foolish course,
Who erroneously does believe
In an imaginary force.

Dreamer, maim the mind with passion
As to dream with feckless fashion,
I advise with utmost care that
All your thoughts you try and ration.

To you, the dreamer, yours will burn.
Inspiring carbon concern,
Your breathless mind will wither slow,
For purpose it will gasp and yearn.

Dreamer, how you waste the darkness!
Thankless t’wards the twilight blackness!
Dreaming of the light at night will
Leave your body motionless.

To dream and sleep? I can but frown.
When flying aimlessly you’ll drown.
And if you still desire dreams,
Then gravity will bring you down.
Then Gravity will bring you down.