Written by: charles hice

BusSeat My namme is Regional T.A. Eye am brand new there is no graffiti on eye but the carpet can get wet from spills so the driver asks the riders to have lids. Beany boy has a lid on his milk. Chantri is a pretty girl she loves to sit on eye she chews and pops her gum and leaves it on the thumb edge of my back just where it sticks to carpet she does not mean the harm is done. Sometimes there is a person so large she sits on three of eye. Sometimes two people fit on one and have so much fun together out the window look. People need to please remember to sit the baggage under eye we will be fine. Pay your fare and do not cheat to be with eye. Some people wait until the driver has both doors open then they ride for free its cheating while he is letting prisoners out. The handicapped never use me when they bring they own seat it annoys me eye would rather that someone carry them to be on eye. But what do eye knoe eye am just a BusSeat for the RTA. And the BusSunTran. Discrimination is not allowed on eye. Different treatment of others based solely on their membership in a socially distinct group or category, such as race, ethnicity, sex, religion, age, or disability. Discrimination can be viewed as favorable or unfavorable, depending on whether a person receives favors or opportunities, or is denied them. Please leave the curse words at home when riding on eye. No smoking. Please eat later after disembarking eye. Eye love ewe fare. Come back.