~ This Is My Son ~

Written by: John Rhinem

"Immanuel, behold how He loved them...."

The world became silent, and time for a moment stood still
Orbs of all creation, suddenly, peering into the distance
Frozen and afar, not knowing why, something deep inside....
The perching birds stopped their chirping, the lioness stopped her prowl
Dolphins quit their dancing, and the bears awakened, inside their slumbering dens
Flowers opened their colorful eyes, and the mountains, bent their ears
And all of Rome, for an instant, ceased from her sin
All of life, and all of all, all, stood still....
The stars in heaven parted their way, within the firmament
As the Angels and those from the kingdom, quietly, looked below
Middays moon began to shed a tear, until the sun whispered in her ear
"Don't cry dear, for salvation, has come today"
She blinked her shimmering shine, smiled, and whistfully stared 
Then Pluto winked at Saturn, whom handed him her silver orbits ring
While 'Gods Holy Light,' stood gloriously upon His throne
Torn, but seeing tomorrow, through 'the eternal blood'
Of His only begotten Son....
Golgotha His destiny, His purpose which led Him there...."Love"
From a child in a manger, a virgin and a carpenters blessing
This gift of deliverance, unto the entire world!
Battered, bleeding, tortured, unable to recognize Him, anymore
'He,' who healed the sick, restored the sight of the blind
Cast out demons, and, raised the dead
A crown of thorns embedded, upon His priceless precious head
Mocked, and  pressed deeply, down.... 
Blood, dripping from His opened wounds, quenching the thirst
Of the dying earth, which He Himself, had made
As the offspring of the shadows of such  sorrow, snickered and sneered
"Save yourself" they taunted, as His chosen mother stood by
Flowing tears, flowing as she cried
With every striking blow of this aimless hammer, which echoed
Beyond all of space and time
Throughout the universe, eyes cast down, heads bowed low, silence, all around
Lifted into the air, the air of despair, hearts, broken inside
Slowly He gazed upon the crowd, with two souls, hanging by His side
Their fading lives, "remember me," one of them then said
"I tell you, you shall be with Me in paradise today," He replied....
As those whom loved Him, continued to weep, and wipe their tears, away
While Angels descended down, upon the now, gathering, and darkened clouds