A Day Will Come

Written by: Laurie Ginn

Insulated in layers of clothing
I run from house to car 
from car to house
The weather stings as it contacts
my skin 
I long for you friend 
You taunt me during the winter 
playing hide and seek with my feelings 
When you come to me 
the air so frigid 
my pleasure evaporates 
but I look 
and I watch 
and I wait 
A day will soon come when 
you will entice me to you 
I will watch as you amuse yourself 
On the deck with shadow puppets 
and I will come to you 
I know now as I step into you 
I will be filled with desire 
for your warmth 
I will shed my layers and 
let my skin bask in your glory 
The glow of your love will tend 
to every part of me 
I have longed for you 
Satisfy this craving that has 
Sustained me all these many months 
Bathe me that I might savor 
this time with you 
and indulge in the ecstasy 
of our time together