Written by: Neo Bridgette Kitso

We came running
scared and exhausted
but we found her
in her sleep
so sedate, elegant and collected

the naive whispered
to the ears of the scared
'did u see him?'
they all denied having
gazed at him while
in actual fact it was
his face that sent them
charging about

She woke from all the
chaos and all the argument
of how he looks like
they said his face was rugged
and his eyes were wicked
but one tiny guy
argued he had a tumbled frown
She awaited to witness
this agitated man's looks

She lay looking out
to the sky some day
hoping that this man
that all feared would came
and set her free
but it was that day
that her hope was realized

He peeked into her eyes
peace washed through
her face
and she saw beauty
that was beyond definition
well carved features
smooth to the touch
but arrogant to gravity

eyes that compelled
and lips that devoured
against hers unleashing
the worst vulnerability

then she reached out
to that one tiny guy
and whispered drastically
"I saw him, he touched me'.
I looked in the eyes of