Written by: Andrew Crisci

For those being born wealthy,
there's something missing
to make them complete;
vast fortunes don't make
them fully competitive,
or eagerly inventive,
because comfort has already
bee given to them...

Realize that poverty has a rich side,too; 
the kindness of friends to share in every smile,
those helping hands to give what they can,
and warm arms embracing:  to gather your strength when you have none!
I desire nothing besides being strong and trusting anyone who's true,  
to overcome all hurdles and reject pride,
opposing temptation and unsound advice;
and who can really know me...better than I? 

Gamblers and losers will tell you otherwise,
" Squander your money for a chance at being super-rich!"
And will luck open its gates to let abundance flow?
You have bashfully peaked across the only side of the good life,
but not a glance of compassion was given to begin with, 
because a diamond is more vain than a stone!
Shelter from cold is home to vagrants with improper attire,
prayers can help one find purpose...not to face life alone!      

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci